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The 4th Internet of Things Conference

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2015 Internet of Things technology and application Conference is with the embedded technology aided IoT application innovation as the theme, comprehensive display from the perception, data processing, wireless transmission to the Internet of Things such as cloud computing application of key technology and solution in the industry, at the same time, this conference will make a deep discussion and be around information and security, wireless sensor, Internet of Things ecological system and application design.

★Hot Topic:

• IoT embedded core technology: chip, operating systems, tools, agreement software and information security;
• IoT industry application: Smart Grid, Smart home, Internet of Vehicles and etc;
• Innovation of IoT/ Intelligent wearable & Internet of Things;
• Embedded system/Intelligent system in IoT application;
• More smart wireless sensors network;
• Integrate with Internet of Things & traditional industry;
• Discuss Internet of Things ecological system.

★Sponsors 2016

Date: Aug.24-26,2016
Venue: Hall 2 / 3 / 4 Shenzhen 
Convention & Exhibition Center
Support Unit:
China Institute of Communications;
China Electronic Component Association;
China Semiconductor Industry Association;